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A Bit About Me and my Partners

Titanium Leadership Partners with world-class, industry leaders to best support you and your organizational needs. Together, we will change the world of leadership.


Dr. Travis Hearne, Founder and CEO of Titanium Leadership


My name is Dr. Travis Hearne. I am the Founder and CEO of Titanium Leadership Coaching and Consulting (TLC), author of “Hybrid: A Guide for Successfully Leading On- Site and Remote Teams”, a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Co-founder of the Buffalo Leadership Academy, speaker, certified executive coach, corporate training creator and facilitator, organizational and cybersecurity consultant, father, husband, and son.

My philosophy is that holistically healthy leadership is the key to organizational success. I also believe that people need to have a firm understanding of what effective leadership looks like and how it can not only change an organization for the better, but improve the lives within. In my opinion, everyone needs a little TLC!


  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership, University of Southern California.

  • Masters of Professional Studies in Homeland Security/Geospatial Intelligence, Penn State.

  • Certificate from the Harvard Kennedy School in Homeland Security Leadership.

  • C-Me Color Profiling Executive Coaching Certified.

  • Leadership experience from leading Marine Corps combat teams in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • 19+ years of leadership experience in both private and public sector.

  • 10 years of cloud-based cybersecurity expertise.

  • Author of "Hybrid: A Guide for Successfully Leading On-Site and Remote Teams" and Chapter contributor to the book, "Innovations in Computational Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and Internet of Things"

Titanium Partners

Because leadership is a team sport!

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