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A Bit About Me And Our Partners

Titanium Consulting Group partners with world-class, industry leaders to best support you and your organizational needs. Together, we will change the world of leadership.

Dr. Travis Hearne, EdD

CEO and Founder of Titanium Consulting Group

  • United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran

  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

  • Certifications: International Coaching Federation, C-me Color Coaching

  • Industry: For-profit, government, military, start-ups, non-profit, Fortune 10-500

  • Focus: Organizational growth, cybersecurity, training and development, keynotes, executive coaching, 

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Titanium Partners

An Expert for Every Industry

The Titanium Consulting Group taps into the experience or our extensive partners in order to bring holistic solutions to every industry. Whether you are in the healthcare, military, non-profit, ministry, for profit, or any other world, we have the expertise you need.

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Colorado Springs, CO

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