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The Buffalo Conference

July 21, 2023
Glen Eyrie Castle,

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Buffalo is different. The Buffalo sees the storm coming, and instead of staying still, running away, or going around it, the Buffalo goes straight through it.

Let's go through the storm together!



John Register
Two-time Paralympian, Paralympic Games Silver Medalist, Persian Gulf War veteran, and TEDx Motivational Speaker


CSM (Retired) Gretchen Evans
2022 ESPY Award winner - The Pat Tillman Award for Service

Your Buffalo Conference Team

The Buffalo leadership conference is unlike any other that you've ever been a part of. This 12-hour event, led by Navy SEAL Combat Veterans Phillip Koontz and Jon Macaskill, Marine Corps Combat Veterans Dr. Theresa Larson and Dr. Travis Hearne, and 3x Worldwide Stevie Award Winner Lara Jones, will change the way you think about leadership.


Seats are limited, so sign up now! This conference will be a full day of activity, learning, networking, and transformational change! Buckle up and head into the storm with us!

Clips from the Buffalo Leadership Video Series

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