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“Doctor Travis Hearne is a gifted thought-leader who brings his unique mix of energy, enthusiasm, creativity and intellect to every challenge, every day. Having served with Travis in uniform, I have had the great fortune to work closely with this inspirational professional in one of the most demanding, dynamic, and fast-paced operating environments in the US military. He is one of our very finest; a selfless and accomplished leader, coach, and visionary.”

- Lieutenant General (Ret) Charles D. Luckey, United States Army, 33rd Chief, United States Army Reserve

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"Dr. Travis Hearne is one of the most approachable, authentic, inspiring, and talented leaders I know. He will help your organization thrive in any situation with his unique set of leadership experiences and tools he brings to the table." 

Theresa Larson  (she/her/hers) | DPT, CSCS, USMC
Founder and President of Movement Rx  


“Hybrid Is a must have book for anyone who leads others, for it is rich in research and suggestions on how to lead and manage remote or hybrid employees. If you believe you can lead others in hybrid settings the same way you have in the past, you are sorely mistaken. Dr. Hearne is a seasoned leader, solidified by his time in the military and now in the corporate world. He speaks from personal experience as well from an academic standpoint bring and brings them both into the ‘new’ office structure of our day.

- Dr. Brent D. Garrison, Author of Leadership by The Book, President of By the Book Consulting and Senior Fellow at the CEO Forum

"Travis embodies the essence of resilient leadership. His leadership experiences, from high-stakes environments in Iraq and Afghanistan to strategic positions in cybersecurity and national security, demonstrate his capability to navigate through adversity. As the founder of Titanium Leadership, Travis has dedicated himself to empowering leaders and organizations, showcasing his passion for leadership excellence. His life’s work makes him uniquely equipped to inspire and guide others in overcoming challenges and achieving success."

Jon Macaskill - Retired Navy SEAL Commander | LinkedIn Top Voice | Keynote Speaker | Podcast Cohost/Producer | Founder and CEO of Macaskill Consulting | Mental Health Advocate


“If you are the leader of hybrid staff, regardless of where you are in the process – the beginning, the middle, or the end of your rope – “Hybrid” is the book you need to read! It refreshes tried and true management principles and applies them to the new world of on-site/off-site work with engaging stories and anecdotes."

Gregory Gast, SPHR, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sun River Health


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